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MetalHelper is a chinese company who fabricate metal products

MetalHelper,just as its name meaning,is a chinese company,is a fully integrated, world class metal fabrication company, utilizing complete in-house divisions to provide reliable service. We offer our customers single source responsibility.

MetalHelper is speciflizing in the field of Fabricate metal products

Fabricate sheet metal,metal tube,metal die-casting,metal extrusion.Manufacture or source appropriate metal products for you in China. It is a team of low-cost manufacturing experts in China with a network of hundreds of manufacturers. We work with you to select the appropriate supplier depending on price, competencies and lead time. Ongoing, we provide “on-the-ground assistance” to help you effectively manage Chinese manufacturers.You can trust us to meet your engineering. specifications from blueprint analysis to finished product.Our sophisticated manufacturing technologies enable us to hold precision tolerances for every item we produce. We update our processing equiments and technology according to world development to let our customers can consistently receive the highest-quality metal products. Our equipments including Laser Cutting,CNC bending,CNC punching,Automatic Welding Robot,Stamping machines,Extrusion Machines,Polising Machines,Powder Coating machines,and other necessary machines to process metal products.

MetalHelper Team can help you to source high-quality metal products for exporting

In MetalHelper,we organize a business team to handle sourcing and exporting high-quality metal products.They are all trained with special metal knowledge,so that they can source better metal products.We can assure products`s quality and performance for you.

Strict Quality Control System in MetalHelper

In MetalHelper,we have our owned strict quality control system.Based on Metal.Philosophy with more than 20 years,we are very familiar with various of metal`s performance and its requirements,so we draw up MetalHelper`s Quality Control System.Besides,we are equiped with many testing machines,including strength test equipment,Salt atmosphere test machine,High presion measurement,Pressure Testing Machine,and other testing equipment for metal fabrication and metal product`s check.

Personnel Investment On Worker`s Philosophy

MetalHelper is not only invested in the latest custom metal fabrication technologies,but also invest for his staffs and workers,to let them become more core philosophy and skillful. We always hire, retain, and continuously train our highly-motivated workforce of skilled craftsmen. We value our staff as our greatest asset, and develop more efficiency and accurate production with workers` safety. We also provide our employees with onsite college credit classes & college tuition reimbursement which offer them opportunities for achieving great career success, with plenty of room to move up in our company. Our workers reward our investment in them with the best metal fabrication work available industry-wide. We then turn around and offer the best in service, craftsmanship and exacting tolerances to all of our customers for truly precision sheet metal fabrication.

MetalHelper is unique in the area

MetalHelper providing a wide range of technical and manufacturing services in one company. We are the best choice for your next manufactured and precision machined product. application